About Us



Based in sunny southern California, Relished was brought to life in 2013 and is known for putting heart into designing timeless, affordable, quality women’s clothing that can be lived in year-round, and stays in your closet for a long time. We’re all about pieces that make up the foundation of a stylish, classy, yet always current wardrobe, allowing the confident and intelligent woman to express her true self, bridging the gap between her inner and outer beauty. In short, we are committed to creating unique and beautiful clothing that women can live out their most relished moments in.

What sets Relished apart? Well, for one, Relished is a 100% women-owned company! Not only that, but our pieces are designed in both the U.S. and Vietnam, and then produced by an in-house manufacturing team in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We're very proud of the daily positive impact that Relished has on the lives of our Vietnamese counterparts, with fair wages, health insurance, ongoing educational and training opportunities, team-building activities, and a high-quality work space. The offices are newly built, clean, well-lit, spacious, and air-conditioned in warmer months. Relished employs mostly women in Hanoi, and they are given opportunities to "pay it forward" by participating in outreach to rural mountainous schools and communities in the villages outside of Hanoi, providing financial assistance, food, clothing, and toys to families there. And in appreciation of receiving a better life, our Vietnam team is committed to making quality, classic clothing with beautiful details that are also affordable, allowing women from all walks of life to live out their most relished moments in pieces that will become style staples in their closets for years to come.

At Relished, social entrepreneurship means a lot to us, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to create beautiful clothing that is ethically made. Not only does Relished clothing enhance the lives of those who wear each unique design, it also enhances the lives of those who breathe life into each piece, as it goes from conception, to creation, and finally, into the hands and heart of she who will treasure it always. Each Relished collection is designed with lots of heart, and every piece represents a link between its maker and wearer, creating an ongoing chain reaction of women empowering women. Relished clothing is meant to make you feel more beautiful in your own skin, and your purchase in turn supports the livelihood of its maker.

Thank you so much for caring about where your clothing comes from! It means the world to us.