About Us


Based in sunny southern California, Relished was brought to life in 2013 and is known for putting heart into designing timeless, affordable, quality women’s clothing that can be lived in year-round, and stays in your closet for a long time. We’re all about pieces that make up the foundation of a stylish, classy, yet always current wardrobe, allowing the confident and intelligent woman to express her true self, bridging the gap between her inner and outer beauty. In short, we are committed to creating unique and beautiful clothing that women can live out their most relished moments in.

The Relished button-shaped logo with its centric infinity symbol represents two concepts that live at the core of the Relished ethos: first, the idea that the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe should have longevity and style staying power – that it should fit comfortably into her lifestyle for years to come; and second, the understanding that clothes have an important sentimental role and contribution beyond their more obvious utilitarian nature – they are pieces of a woman’s daily life that blend seamlessly into her memories and experiences, and accompany her during her most relished moments.